1&1 Embellishes Web Hosting Security Level via SSL Certificates Powered by Symantec 

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1&1-ssl-symantec1&1 is one of the largest web hosting company in the world, now affording a broad range of SSL certificates powered by Symantec. It has been providing a many of paid security packages with raising stronger levels of site validation and protection. During March 2016, Symantec disclosed its objective to help each official websites and application to be very secure by the year 2018.

Symantec’s Encryption Everywhere program will contribute web hosting companies a particular platform to deliver the most extraordinary security portfolio’s to their valuable consumers globally. 1&1 is one of the first and foremost hosting industry to engage in Symantec’s program in Germany, and it has been serving to protect 19 millions of domain names on the web.

Additionally, the company 1&1 supports its customers in many countries around the world including the US, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, Mexico, France and Spain in great safeguarding their web portals as well. The company is very glad about this partnership, where they will able to offer a trusted security solution for all of its websites. By the way today, the internet has been keeping on changing and trending, so the company has to work continuously to protect their data in a safe manner.

So, it joins their hands along with Symantec to safeguard the websites on the internet. Symantec website security has been giving security for websites, data, and applications with SSL/TLS, certificate management, vulnerability assessment, WAF/DDoS, malware scanning and more. Security is the critical one for our partners like 1&1, where are troubling a lot with it, said by Symantec’s Senior Vice President. But now, the company 1&1 has been integrated with Symantec website security services and helping their customers in an efficient way.