Amazon Brings EC2 Cloud Hosting with Cheap Rates for Linux

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amazon web servicesAmazon EC2 is a cloud web service that provides more resizable computes capacity in the cloud and mainly designed to make the web scale cloud computing. The cloud computing is very much easier for the developers to perform the programming code and Amazon EC2 is a simple web portal interface that allows you to obtain and configure the capacity in the cloud computing. Recently Amazon has changed the price in cloud computing department for up to 5% reductions in the cost of linux cloud servers.

Amazon EC2 will reduce the time which was required to obtain and boot new server that are facing instances to the minutes. It will allow you to quickly scale the capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements are getting changed. It also changes the economics of computing by allowing only paying for the capacity which you actually use.

The above mentioned 5% discount will impact in cost of the linux cloud servers on the following configuration namely C4 and M4 instances in selected regions in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The R3 instances are getting happened in the same regions with the plus Brazil. This will be welcome and good news to many of the AWS users, but it is especially beneficial for the organizations who are running the Amazon’s version of EC2-optimized linux. The changes are getting more felt in small factor to drive the appeal of open source cloud hosting with usage of Generic Linux, and not with the commercial versions of SLES or RHEL.