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Hive-IO Partners with Login VSI to Assimilate Testing and Automation Suite into Its PaaS Platform

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hiveHive-IO is the dominant software defined infrastructure service offering company, delivering its reliable solutions to heavy enterprises and SMBs. It has been partnering with Login VSI to integrate testing as well as automation suite into its cloud compute appliance platform. This integration will affords an assortment of testing services and choices normally and without any extra infrastructure to enterprise and SMB users using the Hive-IO platform.

Login VSI is a regular one for performance and load testing over VDI and SBC. The functions of the this includes unit testing, synthetic user acceptance testing, production synthetic testing and focused problematic workload forensic. Apart from these functions they have been offering many features. They have focused on stress testing, where virtual customers represent the workloads of real-life users and the impact they have on scalability and performance. The partnership among Hive-IO and Login VSI will features the end user through offering a globally accepted method of unit and sale testing for cloud computing. The company told that the integration of this will definitely creates the more exciting opportunities for them as well as for their consumers too. This has been designed to match expanded compute workload and free them from outdated and for proprietary approaches.

loginvsiHiv-IO is a unified cloud solution, which reduces cloud storage capacity on an average of 70% and removes vendor sprawl and moreover it will give high security on premises. The services like VDI, Hadoop and more will be delivered depending on the customer’s needs either in on-premise or in a hybrid cloud. The company was very happy with this offering and it will be the great opportunity to reduce complexity for a single vendor solution.

Manthan Emigrates Its Production Stack to Amazon Redshift

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manthanManthan is a universal cloud as well as big data analytic service provider in the world. The company headquartered in Bangalore, India. It has drifted its production tack to the leading Amazon Redshift. Through this migration, they can claim to have slowdown its operational price of warehouse about 60% while raising scale and elasticity.

Some years ago, Manthan started its association with Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud). It has evolved a comprehensive cloud strategy, which includes optimized data warehouses, enhanced data management and algorithms, real time analytic and enhanced data security.

Aside from cloud services, they has been migrating its reference cloud production stock to Amazon Redshift. The company with attain a 60% reduction in operating price, formerly when the emigration will complete. After this reduction, they will optimize performance and scalability in terms of customers as well as data.

amazonBeside this, they has amended its services to run on Amazon Elastic MapReduce to offer an edge on data management and algorithms like recommendation engines running on Spark. They embellished its ability to consume real-time events with Amazon Kinesis and serve real time dashboards on demand. Manthan gives guarantee the topmost level of data security via strong data encryption for data in transit and at rest.

IBM Promotes AT&T’s Managed Hosting Business

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ibmIBM has brings in  AT&T’s managed hosting services unit. IBM and AT&T declared that it means that they’re going to increasing their long-term strategic partnership to lead their businesses a full suite of advanced networking, application and hosting services. IBM can align these managed service capaacities with the IBM Cloud portfolio. IBM also will acquire instrumentality and access to floor area in AT&T data centers presently supporting the applications and managed hosting services. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

After shut, IBM can hand over the managed applications and managed hosting services AT&T offers these days. AT&T can still afford networking services together with security, cloud networking and mobility, which it gives today. And therefore the 2 firms can work closely to pioneer and transfer a complete suite of integrated services to their consumers.

Mr. Philip Guido who is the IBM General Manger of global technology services for North America told that the day’s establishment represents an enlargement of our strategic relationship with AT&T and continued collaboration to deliver new innovative solutions. Going with AT&T, they will give a power set of IBM Cloud and managed services that may ceaselessly evolve to satisfy clients’ business aspirations.

AT &T and IBM have declared they’re going to guarantee a swish transition and can continue to offer constant high level of service shoppers expect from the 2 organizations. Because the new operator of those managed application and managed hosting services, IBM can bring intensive enterprise expertise and an upscale portfolio of cloud, data and application solutions.

VMware Embellish IT Blueprinting and Hybrid Cloud Management Facilities in vRealize Updates

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vmwareVMware has declared the common availability of two key updates such as VMware vRealize Automation 7 and Vmware vRealize Business Standard 7 to its vRealize Suite. This modification will lead the companies’ standardize and automate resource delivery over a hybrid cloud. Both vRealize Automation 7 and Vmware vRealize Business Standard 7 are connected with updates final one-fourth to Vmware vRealize operation and Vmware vRealize lo sight , the complete Vmware vRealize Suite has sustained serious update.

Vmware vRealize Automation 7 adds blueprint capacities for graphically modeling infrastructure, security, networks, applications and custom IT services containing their relationship and dependencies. This ensures that the IT teams accelerate the delivery of joined multi-tier applications with security and networking around cloud. Thus the Blueprints can stretch hybrid cloud environments and subsidy public cloud benefits VMware vCloud Air and Amazon ecommerce businesses, also VMware vCloud Government Services, OpenStack Kilo, and VMware vSphere 6 Update 1.

Vmware vRealize Business Standard 7 establishes assorted new and enhances capacities to offer IT team with expanded transparency as well as control regarding the value and aspect of IT services. It involves fresh pricing terms for all the public and private clouds supported by Vmware vRealize Automation. This suite can stimulate the application release process to a day or less and limit operating price via better utilizing IT hardware. It will be available in both Advance and Enterprise editions, which will be licensed per processor or OS instance.

Cloud Identity Summit Declares 2016 Call for Presentations

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Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) has reported that it is currently granting proposals for presentations. At the New Orleans Marriott the event will be held on June6 to 9, 2016. This year, the occasion will unite thought leaders, CIOs, architects and IT specialists to talk about issues identified with the event’s topic ‘r/evolution of security: it begins with character.’

Presently in its seventh year, Cloud Identity Summit is a celebration being entrenched by Ping Identity –a supplier of identity security solutions having not lesser than 1,200 clients overall including half of the Fortune 100.Past speakers incorporate officials from Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), CitiGroup, GE, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and VMware. The due date for 2016 presentation recommendations is January 31, 2016. Visit their site for more details.

Kindly go through the url to register for the event celebration. The initial 75 people to enter the code GOCIS2016 when they enlist for CIS will get an extra 15% offer at the checkout. This code can be utilized as a part of blend with the early bird discount that will continues just before Dec. 31. The promo code will close on Feb. 11.

CyrusOne Inaugurates III Data Center Facility in Austin, Texas

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cyrusoneCyrusOne is an international data center solutions, which has been offering colocation services around its 31 data center globally. Now it has opened its third data center in Austin, Texas. That center accumulates almost 1,20,000 colocation square feet, maximum 18 megawatts of detracting power volume and 25,000 square feet of Class-A office slot at entire build. The foremost phase of the data center was recently finished that highlights 55,000 square feet and up to 3 megawatts of power.

Austin III data center was located some distance from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, which will provide smooth access to abundant amenities like fully equipped restaurants and hotels. This data center is also a part of its National Internet Exchange (IX) to authorize interconnection to other data centers in Texas and beyond. Its National IX would join reasonably strong connectivity with heavily scaled data centers.

Globally, the company has been running 31 carrier neutral colocation facilities around US, Asia and Europe to afford consumers with an adaptability and scale to match their particular IT growth requirements and to deliver superior availability, good architecture with the largest available power redundancy (2N). John Hatem, who is the vice president of CyrusOne told that the insistence for colocation space endure to raise in this marketplace.

The company is uniquely qualified and dedicated to meet this developing need via enlarging their data center space and power capacities in Austin. Their expanding footprint proves that they can offer mission-critical infrastructure capabilities, which align with their user’s emerging IT demands. They were able to come up strong team online both on time and on budget, said by Danny Cowser who is the director, design and construction of CyrusOne.

Canadian Web Hosting Obtains Managed Hosting Provider, eSecureData

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canadian-web-hostingCanadian Web Hosting is one of the leading hosting service provider, delivering hosting solutions like shared hosting, virtual private servers, cloud hosting, dedicated servers and BC-based eSecureData. eSecureData is a great Canadian Infrastructure-as-a-service provider, which has been supplying managed hosting, colocations, domains and dedicated servers to hundreds of consumers around Canada from 2007 onwards. Thus the managed hosting organization will be joining with Canadians’ web hosting employees while it expects to expand its data centre operations.

In addition to this, eSecureData date centre site is on the works in Toronto and will be added to the business in the forthcoming year. These centres will desegregate with Canadian Web Hosting’s cloud services. This will expand its presence in Canada to 5 data centres.  CWH expects to upgrade its hosting services and increase its delivering towards businesses and corporations, which will definitely help to meet their needs and fulfil their requirements.

The CEO of eSecureData told that it is a peek situation to develop and grow their business and able to work with first-class team. Users are eagerly see a significant improvement in performance and latency, which is focused on improving capacity across Canada. Canadian Web Hosting has finished many procurement form 2014 and keep on doing to cross the significant demand.

Media and Publishing Agencies See Significant Increase in Their Client’s WordPress CMS Budgets

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Awordprs global survey was commissioned in the middle of 2000 publishing agencies and media has divulged that 60% of these agencies have recognized a compelling increase in their clients’ wordpress budgets, displacing legacy CMS projects and home grown implements. This survey also identify that the WordPress has been using by many number of large websites, blogs and businesses. More than 71% of agencies converging  that the WordPress is being preferred for the greater scale client projects against previous year.

About 41% agencies are expecting them to continue to increase in the upcoming year 2016. This survey was conducted by Pantheon, which is said to be a peek Drupal and WordPress websites management platform. Pantheon was established in 2010, presently it has been running over 10000 websites in the cloud. From the survey it is very clear that the WordPress was becoming a CMS of Choice for large portals. WordPress has been placed its surprising place in Universities, government, industries and more.

Survey points out that 30% of them are telling that the WP is widely using for publicly traded companies, where 53% for big brands and 36% for media outlets. Pantheon enables their developers, designers and marketers to manage all of their sites from a single dashboard. Some of the its customers are Arizona State University, Intel, Cisco, United Nations and Intel.

Google for Work Adds Data Loss Prevention to Gmail

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gmailGoogle for Work is announcing Data Loss Prevention for Gmail account to add another layer of protection and forbid users from sharing information they are not suppose to. The company has been announced this feature on Wednesday (09th December 2015).

Where more number of Google app users are able to set up this DLP (Data Loss Prevention) policy, which will naturally control all outgoing emails and attachments, to block emails from being sent that enclose hypersensitive data’s.

For example, if a company has a policy preventing sales section from sharing consumers credit card data with vendors, a DLP policy will automatically analysis outgoing emails from sales and take action depend upon what the admin has stated.

Google has been keeping on updates around security since and establishing security keys to make 2-step verification even more convenient and the loud security scanners for Google cloud developers. They rebranded its enterprise suite of tools as Google for work previous year.

They are working towards offering DLP to Google drive next year, along with rule based security scheme. Gmail DLP is the first step in a long-term investment to deliver rule-based security across Google apps.

GoDaddy Launches WordPress Plugin Partner Program

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GoDaddy is the top most web hosting and domain providing company, which has been planned to boost up their WordPress offering. So, they begun a new program “WordPress Plugin Partner program” over the weekend at WordCamp US for WordPress plugin designers. This plugin program provides plugin author access to an exclusive support, referrals and developers centric platform tuning assistance.

When the partner is verified by GoDaddy, they can showcase the official GoDaddy plugin partner badge and have their plugin promoted by GoDaddy to its users. The company already begun its managed WP hosting services at a local WordCamp event, now it has exanded its hosting offering from May, 2015.


Initial partners of Godaddy in this program is iThemes, Pippin’s Plugins, Ninja Forms and ManageWP. They hope it will help for more stand out authors among more than 40,000 plugins and roughly 10,000 themes in the rapidly growing system. With this new program, the comapny can drive more customers and plugin downloads with high quality. According to GoDaddy, they have been in conversion with its new partners, where they will give you a better things for WordPress consumers.

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