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Liquid Web Launches New Manage WordPress Web Hosting Platform @ WordCamp US

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Liquid lwWeb is an international organization, which has been offering web hosting and managed cloud hosting services. The company was headquartered in Lansing, Michigan. They have been launches a fresh manage WordPress platform at WordCamp US. Basically, it is the home of many WordPress users. The new product s specifically designed to optimize hosting environment for users accessing the famous Content Managed System.

Optimized environment has allowed to boost the speed as well as the performance of websites, which are all created under WordPress platform by an average of 300% that will be depend on load time. Many WordPress users can get more excitement and adopt to this environment by having a faster site, free migrations, free SSLs, heroic support and peek security.

Initially providing this new product for personal and professional applications, which will be available in multiple sizes. The company has been giving the entry level plan offers 100GB of SSD storage, SSl and up to 5 websites. The plans increase gradually that is entirely customizable. All managed web hosting plans will include SSL, automatic core & backups, plugin updates, WP-CLI and more. Many number of developers, designers and businesses are looking to take advantage of this managed wordpress solutions.

Zayo Launches VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered Cloud Hosting Service

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zayoZayo is a international company, offering bandwidth infrastructure and colocation service to their customers. Recently, it has announced the establishment of its VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered Cloud Hosting Service. This service is developed using VMware vSphere 6 and vCloud Directors. Now, Zayo provides a distinct hybrid solutions, which allows consumers to access the same Vware infrastructure  off-premises as they are running on-premises.

With this, the Zayo users are able to manage and migrate on-premises, where VMware based workloads to Zayo’s private, form a single management console. This system has been offering a single integrated interface for public and private cloud access. It will be easy to use this solution when transferring workloads among onsite data centers, private and public cloud.

IBM Broadens Availability of Bluemix Local to China

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IBM launches Bluemix Local in China, where IBM extends the accessibility of its hybrid cloud computing access to china. Bluemix Local is a cloud hosting platform which grants enterprises to suddenly develop apps in a safe manner and deploy them around public and private clouds also on premises environment. It brings the speed and ease of hybrid app development on Bluemix behind a client’s firewall to the developers. It will free up the time, which companies have traditionally spent managing infrastructure and migrating data an apps between disparate cloud surroundings.


The company’s cloud computing platform aims to accelerate this innovation has the collision to revolutionize industries throughout the country by making it easier than ever for businesses and entrepreneurs to build, deploy and run next generation apps in any atmosphere. With its help, you can get the power of cloud, all while keeping your data’s secure.

IBM Bluemix Local will be the significant for many organizations, which are all in banking, financial services and healthcare industries, where they have been following the strict policies for how security, compliances and customer’s sensitive data is handling outside of their corporate network. The company invest $1 billion in 2014 for launching Bluemix, where now it has more than 120 tools and services spanning categories of big data, analytics, security and internet of things.

New Capabilities of IBM Bluemix are

  • Relay technology
  • Run anywhere via its write-once
  • Clients can monetize their own APIs with a private catalog and API management services.
  • Can control real-time releases, updates and patches in a single dashboard.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions Launches Intelligent Cloud Control Solution

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verizonVerizon Enterprise has brings you a fresh solution called as “Verizon Intelligent Cloud Control”, which is powered by VMTurbo. It is a part of Verizon Communication, the new launch is to aid their customers migrate workloads to their public cloud hosting services. This solution is developed for their users to accelerate real-time, performance, price and compliance-based placements.

This solution will grant configuration and sizing decisions to expand or move workflows to and among CSPs. It is entirely unique from loud broker and another programs in the market place. This will determine the best cloud resources for every workloads in real-time with its factor in application performance along with CSP cost.

Some of the distinct benefits of users via this solutionsvmtsol

  • Able to control public cloud workloads by a single interface
  • Budget-friendly and control public cloud cost to aid stay away from billing surprises
  • Assure the performance and compliance of workloads further specific cloud monitoring

All these will definitely more helpful for the users to manage the risk to migrate to the public cloud. The company will launch this service by the first quarter of 2015, initially to AWS Cloud, IBM SoftLayer and Microsoft Azure.

Tweakservers Establishes Uptime Monitoring Solutions for E-commerce Sites

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The company Tweakservers is Malaysia based one offering software license and security solutions for IT as well as web hosting industry. It announced the launch of web portal uptime monitoring solutions , named as PingMy.Site. This tool is very helpful for all kind of small businesses, portals, personal sites to stay alert of your sites uptime.


Monitoring your online site uptime is the most important aspect for any kind of sites, which are all running on the internet. It is very needed one to all business sites, because they may get lose in sales due to downtime. This solutions is provided by PingMySite that give a hand for your websites to have sudden live monitoring on your sites with simple steps.

The solution will give an intimation via email, SMS, Twitter and mobile push notifications where any downtime detected on your websites. With 30 global monitoring stations, is going to operate and manage with a one minute interval check for the websites. You need not to pay an very expensive bill for this solutions.

TMDHOsting Becomes Web Hosting Partner to SocialEngine

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TMDHosting, last week it declared that it has become an official web hosting partner to the social networking media, SocialEngine. It is expressly projected for their users to upsurge their site performance. Later few months ago, they affiliated with SocialEngine to reach all needs of the software and enhance the performance. The company’s supporting team members are certified by the social network for their vast knowledge about the product and troubleshoot issues.

Their main aim is to bring fast page loading time for SocialEngine sites hosted on their servers with its latest technologies on the web hosting marketplace.partner

SocialEngine is a well-known social media platform for web hosting, which grant you to create online communities. Some of the specific features includes,

  • You may create a special interest group and share your interests.
  • Build a community for your consumers and give permission to support each other regarding your services.
  • Construct a private network for your employees.
  • Organize a community for your brand.

New Hosting Price Details

The fresh hosting plan values are little bit different to their traditional hosting plans. For starters, they have been offering a domain for just $3.85 per month, for business $5.85 and for professional $12.85. All three plans covering unlimited bandwidth and SSD space. They have been affording 60 days money back guarantee too for your convenience, if you don’t like means. All packages are based on SSD Storage only because of fast loading times.



Each plan will use Facebooks’ Flashcache technology that enables requests for data to be fulfilled with stunning speed. Flashcache is founded by Facebook on 2010, which uses temporary storage space and NAND flash memory space.

RAM based Caching

There are 2 distinct types of memory based caching is accessible, one is APCu and another one is Memcached. APC is limited for PHP earlier version, where you can enabled with a click. But Memcached uses 256MB instances that brings you a alluring performance.

Inmotion Hosting Introduces Improved Dedicated Hosting with SSDs

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Inmotion Hosting Improved Dedicated HostingInmotion Hosting, a renowned web hosting provider has recently upgraded their dedicated server plans including free solid-state drives (SSDs). The upgrade also includes up to 2 TB of data backups, and zero downtime kernel updates on their dedicated server hosting plans. In spite of being a leading web hosting provider, Inmotion hosting now focussing on providing the best technology to dedicated server hosting as well. By obtaining the SSD hosting all types of Inmotion Hosting customers ranging from, Advanced, Elite and even the Commercial class servers can experience their servers running at faster speeds which can even beat the speed of the websites running on traditional spinning hard disks. Customers those who are preferring top-end plans can enjoy free cPanel and WHM access, industry leading RAID technology, and premium monthly transfers. With all these plans, Inmotion Hosting offers its award-winning customer service.

Todd Robinson, CEO of Inmotion Hosting told that they were extremely excited about the new features of their dedicated server hosting. Through their hardware upgrades like SSDs, their web servers are considered to be the fastest ones to host, importantly they offer them to their customers for free of cost. Their tools and features make their platform unparalleled for web developers. Their new features will help everyone ranging from the blog turned online-periodical to businesses looking to take their websites to a higher level of speed and service. He added that they will deliver the best, and hence their customers can use the best also at the reasonable prices in the industry.

Rackspace to Offer Private Cloud Solution Powered by VMware in Australia

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Rackspace, the managed cloud computing company will begin to offer Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware vCloud to Australia in the fourth quarter of 2015. Rackspace Private Cloud was launched in the U.S. in January with the motive of offering greater control and security. It also comes with flexibility, scalability and resource optimization typical of shared cloud offerings. Rackspace partnered with VMware after its reinvestment in its Sydney datacenters in May, including the development of a second datacenter and existing data hall expansion to help with hosting new offerings such as VMware vCloud.

Angus Dorney, the director and GM of Rackspace Australia and New Zealand said, “Rackspace offers Australian customers a single-tenant private cloud that includes physical hardware isolation from the firewall to the storage layer. This eliminates issues common to shared infrastructure, like the ‘noisy neighbour’ effect, helping to increase security and performance.” With the help of their control, customers can use the vCloud API to third-party orchestration tools and introduce policy-based governance. In addition, Rackspace lets customers to provide hosted catalogs and self-service to give business units more control over their IT services.

How to Install WordPress in Shared Hosting

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About WordPress

WordPress is an open source CMS that helps to build a personal website without web development or HTML knowledge. WordPress was developed by Michel Valdrighi and it is written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. WordPress has been widely used by majority of webmasters when compared to other CMS like Joomla, Drupal, etc. Its user-friendly nature attracts everyone and that is why it is very popular.

Installing WordPress

Here we are going to explain the methods of installing WordPress. Obviously, WordPress is a very popular and neat platform which is used by almost all bloggers online. If you haven’t tried it yet, we request to give it a try by simply installing it to your website.

WordPress at Hostgator, Bluehost and cPanel Based Hosts

Nowadays, most of the hosting companies use the familiar as well as user-friendly control panel named cPanel. Installing WordPress on such web hosts is very simple indeed. Here is a step by step guide on how to install WordPress on web hosts that utilize cPanel.

Step 1: Log into your Web Hosting account Control Panel

Step 2: Click on Fantastico or Softaculous (Auto-Installers which facilitate your work)

Install WordPress using Fantastico

Step 3: Click on “Wordpress” under “Blogs” section

Wordpress in cPanel

Step 4: Click on “New Installation”

Wordpress New Installation

Step 5: Finally you need to enter the details of where you want to install WordPress, website details, login information. Then click on “Install WordPress”.

Wordpress Installation Location

That’s it! You have installed WordPress to your website successfully.

WordPress by Manual

In case you cannot find auto-installers in your hosting, then you have to install WordPress manually. It requires only few minutes and here we explain how it could be done.

Step 1: First download the WordPress package (latest version) and unzip it.

Step 2: Login to your control panel using the default method,

Step 3: Create a database and setup user and password for installation by clicking the MySQL Databases.

Step 4: The file wp-config-sample.php has to be renamed to wp-config.php.

Step 5: Then open wp-config.php file in a text editor and enter your database details.

Step 6: Upload the WordPress files in the specific location on your web server.

Note: If you want to install WordPress into the root of your domain (Example:, upload all the WordPress files into the root directory

Instead, if you want WordPress to be installed in subdirectory on your website (Example:, the directory WordPress should be renamed to the name of subdirectory where you wish to move the files.

Step 7: At last, access wp-admin/install.php in web browser to run the WordPress installation script.

Note: If WordPress got installed in the root directory, visit (

If WordPress got installed in its own subdirectory, then visit (, in case if the name of the subdirectory is blog)

That’s it! WordPress installation is over.

After WP Installation

Now you can use your WordPress site for any purpose. You can make it as blog, portfolio site, company site, pinterest clone, photo blogging, video blogging and many more using appropriate WordPress themes. For simple use prefer free WordPress themes, or else go for paid ones that offer your more functionality. We recommend Elegant Themes since it costs just $69/year to access over 80 themes. We also have Elegant Themes coupon that helps you to grab 20% special wp discount.

For effective WordPress setup, we recommend the following plugins:

  • Yoast SEO
  • WP Super Cache (W3TC is for advanced users)
  • Autoptimize (reduce no.of requests and very good plugin to improve your Google pagespeed score)
  • BackupBuddy for regular WordPress backups
  • EWWW Image Optimizer

Server Mania Refreshes Website to Enhance Mobile Experience

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ServerMania Refreshes Website to Enhance Mobile ExperienceServer Mania, a top dedicated hosting provider has refreshed its website in order to provide an optimized experience on devices ranging from desktop to phones to tablets. The Server Mania website identifies the device connecting to the site, and offers an optimized experience with fonts, layouts and menus that are easier to read and navigate on specific devices. Obviously, smaller devices such as phones require a simplified layout with larger fonts and buttons that could be easy to use. Through the recent refresh of the website, Server Mania can connect with its customers and partners irrespective of where they are. Inarguably, the internet usage on mobile devices exceeded PC usage and in turn changed the digital businesses landscape.

It is to be noted that the important purchasing decisions are being made through mobile devices. According to IDG’s Global Mobile 2014 Survey, Business executives adopt mobile more as about 77% of them use their smartphone to research a product or service for their business. Moreover, mobile-focused web design will help in search engine rankings as per Google’s latest algorithm. The Server Mania website sets an example for other businesses that are in plans to make their website respond to various mobile devices. Server Mania also helps businesses understand about mobile optimized design and hosting. It already provided tips and advices in its blog regarding mobile-friendly web design and optimizing mobile ads.

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