Corero Network Security Overcomes Largest Web Hosting Provider

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coreroCorero Network Security is the vast and single web hosting provider deployment in the history and follows a huge successive proof of the technology. Corero is a US website hosting company worth more than $400,000 had a great trial during the demonstration of the cloud computing services. Through their best security smartWall Threat Defense System, it has followed a successful trial with real time distributed denial of service (DDoS). When a DDoS attack was happened, the targeted server may go offline or it should be crashed, that could result in worst and serious disruption to leading organizations with online presence.

The hosting provider had a strong endorsement and it could view the commercial opportunity with the growth of hosting provider market. At present there are lot of web hosting providers increased, DDoS mitigation technology as their primary response to challenge frequently the attacks they are facing day to day. Now it is able to demonstrate the efficacy, scalability, performance against the Competition, Corero Smart wall was considered as a critical for very important contract.

Corero is looking forward to defense it stronger relationship and it focus only on reporting further success in the hosting industry vertical in the upcoming months. The CEO of Corero believes this as a trend set to continue, and welcome the great opportunity to generate the best revenue from security services such as DDoS protected hosting for the customers.