CPU 24/7 & COMSOL Undergone Mutual Agreement on Web Hosting

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cpu 24 7CPU 24/7 is the best and innovating CAE provider and a service solution located in Germany, develops and operates the unique on demand services for High Performance Computing. CPU 24/7 is being served in particular industry standards for hardware, software, applications from the year of 2006. They infest customers flexible-configured and ready to use CAE infrastructure that are hosted in CPU 24/7 cloud.  COMSOL was founded in 1986 and they give simulation software for the product design and research through the global network of offices and distributors. The products of COMSOL are physics based system, building applications, which can be used at any of the stage with the product development cycle.

comsolCPU 24/7 a high performance computing specialist, is looking for the applications in regard to fluid dynamics, structural mechanics and multiphysics. They extend the efficient and high performance software for the portfolio with COMSOL products and signed a mutual agreement. It turns CPU 24/7 as best official hosting partner of renowned software developer COMSOL. The Flagship product COMSOL Multiphysics is the innovation software which gives more freedom on software environment for the physical processes which could be provided by differential equations.

The software may result in crucial manner and the possibilities for the modeling and it could bring the simulation of scientific and technical problems. The customers from science department, industry field and research peoples are now enjoying the world-class application for the modeling of single or multiple physical phenomena. Any COMSOL multiphysics model could be easily turned in to an fully integration builder via COMSOL server at any of the product development process.  COMSOL server and CPU 24/7 can enlarge the products portfolio to best and sharper range of specialized application modules for all process like earth sciences, electromagnetic, heat transfer, structural mechanics applications.