Dedicated Server Hosting is a popular web hosting type with which a user can host a single site or multiple site on single server without sharing the resources of the server with others. When you compare dedicated server hosting with collocation, you will tag out many similarities along with some differences among them. When you go for collocating hosting server, the entire server will be in the control of the clients and actually it is owned by the customer. But, whereas when it comes for dedicated hosting server, the customers are just leasing the server to host their domains and all the other controls such as updating the underlying technology software, installing new hardware in case if it get failed, keeping the server in secure place with proper infrastructure for regular power supply, and so on. Basically, all the dedicated and collocation server hosting plans are in the same range pricing tag and will control access to manage domains and websites. Only few webhost are good to provide reliable hosting server with full security.

If you go with managed dedicated hosting plan, there is no need to worry of the hardware and software supporting problems. All the components are properly maintained by the webhosting provider with proper constant checking on it. With the high stability network, the advantages you get are really high for your payment. Every day, the backup process is done regularly to keep the information of the website safe and free from threats to let it loss. All the monitoring and prevention techniques would be found implemented on all the dedicated servers to keep track on the performance and the incoming traffic. You can also further extend the plan with some add-ons features to help you to increase the popularity of the website.