If you are very eager to start your own website, then the first thing you need is a domain name. Many people spend most of their time in deciding a good domain name, but the same importance should be given to the domain registrars too. Domain registrars are nothing but organizations who manages to reserve these Internet domains to the end user.

So, What is the domain name?

Domain name is usually a unique name which represents your website IP address. The Internet actually runs based on the IP address, but the thing is IP address is not easy to remember and Hence domain name is used instead. Most of the domain ends in .com but other extensions like .org, .gov, .uk, . us, .co and many exist.

Things to consider while opting a Domain Registrar

For registering a domain, there is no rule that you domain registrar and the hosting provider should be the same. You can get them from the different providers where you think. Literally, you can find thousands of domain name registrars and so finding a reliable one is a bit tricky. Here we have mentioned some possible things that to be keenly noted before choosing the domain registrar.

  • High-end Support – A registrar with top notch friendly support is required so that you can able to talk to someone quickly and find the answer to your queries in an instant.
  • Security  & Reliability – In certain domain registrars, there may be a frequent report that the domain is getting down and hacked often. Hence it is vital to check whether you registrar is reliable and secured.
  • Domain Privacy Protection – The domain privacy protection is offered by ever domain registrars with some yearly fee. This functionality replaces all your personal information tied to your domain into provider generic information. This privacy option protects yours and your site information from any public view and hacking.
  • Domain Name Transfer – If anything goes wrong with your domain registrar or if you face any problem in maintaining your domain with the provider. If the domain transfer option is available, then you can move your domain registration to another provider without much worry.

How To Register a Domain?

First, Know what name should be given for your website and which is the best domain provider in your region. If you have found that, then registering a domain is very simple.

-> The first step to open you domain registrar website and search whether your desired domain name is available or not. If the domain name is not already registered, provided is considered to be available for registration else choose another name.

-> Once the name is chosen, the next step is to registration. For this process, you have to give your name and contact information provider.  Depends upon terms ( 1year, 2 years etc.) for how long you will like to have the domain for yourself. There will be a registration fee and the whole process can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Have you done your domain name registration? If not, Don’t worry! there is surely a lot of providers available for domain registration. You should make sure that you register the domain name as soon as possible because of the availability of your preferred name. Registering a domain is a pretty straightforward task. You go to the preferred domain registrar, pick your perfect name and drop a little bit of cash. That’s it!