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Purchase Vultr Compute Instances with 20% discount. Offer applicable on all plans except $5 per month plan. Less

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Vultr offers its dedicated cloud plans starting at $60 per month. It offers 8192 MB memory and 10 TB Transfer. Less

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Vultr Local Storage plans available from $5 per month. It comes with 512 MB memory and...More

Vultr Local Storage plans available from $5 per month. It comes with 512 MB memory and 1 TB transfer. Less

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VPS hosting is representing the middle ground in the internet hosting industry. For those who are in need of a dedicated server’s full root access, without the hefty price tag, the VPS hosting serves out outstanding value of money. But what is VPS exactly? And what are the benefits of the VPS as compared to other servers such as dedicated server or a shared hosting? These are what the prospective hosting clients need to be aware of before you decide about which hosting platform you will use.

Vultr is creating an ultra-reliable cloud platform, which is in the close proximity to the developers all throughout the world. The have been perfecting the infrastructure that they built on for more than fifteen years for several of the biggest companies across the globe. They have tried, and taken the true totally resilient infrastructure, building what has been believed to be the best cloud startup in the history. As our track record is built by the same team who created GameServers.com and Choopa.com, our team of professionals tackled many complex hosting solutions, and we deliver industry leading reliability and performance, while we are building out one of the biggest networks that is highly available across the globe.

Vultr Plans and Pricing

Most of the unique feature that is attached to Vultr VPS hosting plans and hosting is that fact that they are operating through a network of individual partitions of server, which supports one another with resources on the requirement. As a matter of fact, it is somewhat interesting that you know that VPS hosting services’ concept was growing consistently advancing with the time, which result to these days’ efficient and very purposely cloud environments on VPS web hosting that are largely used by many large sites such as Google. However, the common form of this hosting has also high potential and very powerful in its capability in rendering the expandability to the regular webmaster.

Vultr VPS web hosting plans are offered under a good range. As a matter of fact, with only one of what we are providing, you can find about five up to ten different kinds of plans and pricing, which can meet your requirements of a varied group of webmasters. Because of the requirements of social media websites, online forums, and blogs, we can provide in facilitating such expansions. Vultr are offering great value, with a hundred percent SSD server plans that are available in 14 cities all throughout the world.

Vultr Server Locations

Vultr is offering the biggest network worldwide, which will enable you to sign up and scale a low infrastructure solution of latency easily regardless of where you and your customers come from. You will be able to test your download speed, and ping to any data centers that we have including:

  • North America – Seattle, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, and New Jersey.
  • Europe – Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, and Paris.
  • Asia/Pacific – Sydney and Tokyo.

Why Vultr is good?

Vultr is offering high availability and low latency from all over the world with their 10 GB of redundant network. They are offering a quality experience of low latency by utilizing the premium carriers only in all of their available locations. The professional Vultr network team is continuously optimizing their peering and routing agreements in all the cities to make sure that your VMS will experience high performance and low latency network, no matter where they may be deployed. In Vultr, you will be able to spin up a SSD VPS high performance in 14 cities all throughout the world. You may develop on one nearest you, deploying on the ones that are closest to your customers. With the 14 locations, Vultr’s high performance VPS servers can be used for gaming too.

Digitalocean VS. Vultr

DigitalOceans tutorials are great and their platform is aiming more at the starters, whereas Vultr is offering superior power on the processing, a bigger choices of the Windows servers support and data center locations. There is nothing stopping anyone using Vultr, or some other VPS hosting services from reading the great DigitalOceans tutorial. It just that Vultr is out-performing the DigitalOceaan in almost all aspects in terms of their core business on VPS hosting and they managed to do it while costing quite less. Especially if you are just getting started in the virtual servers industry, you will opt for a cost-effective yet high quality VPS hosting.

Vultr Backups

The Vultr Local Storage or the VLS plans are making it much simpler to deploy a vast storage server for backups in the cloud. Utilizing a local back-end on SATA that is integrated with the SSD caching in order to boost the performance, VLS instances are making a great option for a large range of read and write intensive applications with wide needs of storage. SATA storage plans are currently available in Los Angeles, Tokyo, New Jersey, and Amsterdam; as they are fully occupied in some other cities. Because of their high performance and quality services, you will be able to realize that all clouds are not equally created because Vultr is about 4x faster as compared to other VPS hosting services.

CPU Benchmark test and results

Vultr is testing their low-end plans from a comparable match from the plans of their competitors. In the low-end performance, the higher will be the better, and Vultr leads against the AWS and Rackspace, the same with the mid-range performance.

Vultr gift code and coupons

Vultr has a promo ongoing for the month of July 2015 valid and verified for a while, in which your first deposit will become double, now that they have also added coupon giving you additional dollars after your first recharge. Vultr is a high performance VPS hosting server provider for all your needs in infrastructure. After only a year of development, Vultr became a leader in the virtualization hosting. They are proud to announce that they will be giving Viltr promo codes in celebration of is success as the largest cloud offering all throughout the world. Now, you will be able to get 2 moths free credit from the services of Vultr. This is a limited-time promotion, so redeem the Vultr promo code and enjoy the huge saving for your maximum benefits.