CDNsun Expert Review & Discount Coupon

CDNsun is the best content delivery network at the low price, consisting of more than 70 locations worldwide. It has more than 2000+ customers are get benefits from its experiences and gain a competitive advantage. The services are website acceleration, software delivery, game delivery, live streaming and on demand video streaming

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Large++ Pack – $0.033 per GB Spent

CDN –> Priced at $0.033 per GB Spent –> It costs you $0.033 per GB spent in Large ++ plan at It requires minimum traffic of 100 TB per month.

Large Plan – $0.038 per GB Spent

CDN –> $0.038 per GB Spent –> When it comes to Large plan, you have to pay $0.038 per spent GB. Minimum traffic required is 10 TB per month.

Premium Package – $0.043 per GB Spent

CDN –> $0.043 per GB Spent –> For every GB spent, you need to pay $0.043 in the Premium plan provided by CDNSun. Minimum traffic of 3 TB required per month.

Business Plan – $0.045 per GB Spent

CDN –> $0.045 per GB Spent –> Buy Business plan from CDNSun that costs $0.045 per GB spent. No traffic required.



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