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KnownHost is an exemplary web hosting providing business since 2005, operates hundreds of servers in 3 distinct datacenters. They are able to offer a premium hosting service at a reasonable value with unparalleled uptime, fast professional support and high performance hosting. The platform is the clients one stop shop for manage hosting such as managed VPS hosting, managed SSD VS and managed dedicated servers. With the help of diverse powerful network featuring provider, they are providing services to their clients with optimum speed and reliability. The company has its datacenters in both US coasts and Central US with innovative technologies to provide maximum uptime guarantee

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An Opening scenario about Knownhost

A long pride in Web hosting, delivers the topnotch web hosting solutions and has 15 years of maturity. They are very expertise in serving quickly and ensure the satisfaction for the long term with great changes to the customers who are in all types.  The company came in to existence from the year of 2005 and it has continued to rock its own hosting industry with specialized hosting packages. Only built with innovative technology which are mainly combined with 10-gigabit backbones and they are fully optimized and secured. knownhost hosting Utilizing with the state of the art networks and services is able to provide a premium web hosting service at cheap price.  The packages which are confirmed by the customers will be having fully optimized and secured with the peace of mind and you have to run your business with free migrations and backups.  Knownhost believes with the successful business relationship and they are achieved by understanding the customer’s requirements.

Unleashing VPS Hosting Package

Knownhost is a recommended Managed VPS hosting as they are cost effective and make a direct substitute for the shared or reseller web hosting. The VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting contributes the flexibility and frequent power of a dedicated server without any high price tag difference. The VPSs are fantastic for the best websites in required field of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento in a shared hosting environment and empower the latest stage of 7 VPS packages to satisfy budget. knownhost managed vps The VPS Packages are divided in to 7 types namely VPS 1 to VPS 7 starts from $25 per month and ends with the price of $120 per month. Each VPS Hosting plan is loaded with 16+ CPUs Equal Sharing Technology, Guaranteed RAM from 1024 MB to 8 GB RAM for a high speed plan. They are featuring RAID 10 Disk Space which is guaranteed from 25 GB to 180 GB with isolated resources for the faster capturing of the server performance.

Managed SSD VPS

It is more easy and needy with managed SSD VPS, where you can satisfy the request without any kind of downtime. The SSD (Solid State Drives) VPS can do any field of migration of the files or databases, and hence the power on fly will not affect the setting which was made to the server. When constructing the SSD VPS, aware of the best solid state drives which are sold on the market and thus one has the major benefit over traditional mechanical drives. You should switch for the pure SSD drives for the best optimal achievement without any kind of big price tag. known host ssd vps The SSD VPS Packages are classified in to 5 different parts with equal sharing of 24+ CPU Cores, RAM guaranteed from 1.5 GB to 7 GB RAM extension, 5000 GB bandwidth storage of premium bandwidth and ends with 13000 GB. All features which are listed here will have the know price from $35 per month to $110 per month. SSD VPS are performing well when compared with traditional HDDs and boosting up to 20% faster.

High Performance Managed Dedicated Servers

The custom servers in are built in the traditional setup that has perfect built, secured and optimized out of the box with baseline package. Easily upgradable with managed dedicated servers you can rely on most of the top notch 24/7/365 with the custom and industry leading uptime. The managed dedicated server plans are divided in to KH-DS1, KH-DS2, KH-DS3, KH-DS4 with necessary price of $179 to $379 per month with maximal special features of varying technological parameters.

Truthful Reliability

knownhost uptime Knownhost is promising its customers with the uptime guarantee of 99.99% and it has datacenter located in Dallas, Seattle and Baltimore. They are capable of delivering with the smooth and hassle free service to clients in all over the globe. Their datacenters are mainly equipped with superior networking devices, servers, high quality utility, security, emergency, systems to make sure with the functional optimally happening without any delay. The world class datacenters are having free backups, free migrations, instant provisioning, 24/7 uptime reliability with multiple channels.

Uncharitable Customer Support

knownhost support It is a very time consuming task to keep the server running in top most condition and make inevitable for the webmasters to encounter some of the thorny problems. If you are in a need of assistance support, you can contact knownhost customer support on 24 hours, 7 days a week and they will assist you in thriving the excellent care. You can contact through telephone, live chat, and email support through online forum to meet the customers and discuss ideas, remedies, solutions and more.

Why I Should Select Knownhost?

Register a new account in and become a customer, grab the entire backup of your site in a daily manner. They are contributing the best reliability guarantee of 99.99% uptime, outstanding data center with high efficiency and the customers could feel everything with smooth and efficient. The exhaustive looks over customer is always being positive from and satisfy them with best in all.            

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