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WpEngine.com is the leading wordpress hosting provider, is handtuned to deliver you only the world’s fastest hosting ever. They recommend high wordpress themes where the speed is incredible with stable, secure and support. There are lot of wordpress hosting tools named as Gift version control, one click restore points, one click staging area and more. WPEngine is the only managed Wordpress Hosting provider providing with version control for fully integrated with Wordpress. You can have a safety net before doing a risky operations like upgrading the plugins with free of charge, by eliminating the fear and worry by creating a sustainable environment before it changes for the production or the changes.

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In the present day people who involved in the business of internet marketing have to face a series of issues with regards to their hosting company. We all know that website hosting is one of the major elements for run a website more efficiently. Therefore many companies and individuals carry out web hosting firms which bring them considerable revenue. Although there are thousands of web hosting firms all around the world, as the one who runs the website, you should look for some important factors before selecting a web hosting company. The first element is the security. This is the most frequent issue that people are dealing with. There are many complaints that recorded in the reports saying that websites are getting attacked by the hosts. So you should be careful when choosing the best host. Another factor that you should look in to is that you should select a professional host that has the experience. Then you can minimize your issues with the help of those specialists and you can carry out your site with peace of mind. The above mentioned factors are just only a few things and there are many more to consider when selecting the best web hosting company.



By considering all the above factors most of the people have tend to get the service of the WPEngine which is a creation of Word Press. This host has almost all of those factors that should be included in a web host. WPEngine delivers you a great service and they have got some wonderful features that will affect for your web site to be efficient among others. They deliver their services in the form of packages, so that people can select the one that match their requirements and financial ability.


WpEngine Plans & Pricing

When it comes to the WPEngine packages or the plans there are 5 plans with various specifications and prices. The first one is the personal plan. You can use this to test the WPEngine before going for an enhanced one for a bigger project or if you are running a personal website, you can use this package. When we consider the features of this package, there are several important factors to know.

  • --> This package provides you one WordPress install.
  • --> This package provides 25000 visitors for you site per month.
  • --> This delivers you 10GB local storage.
  • --> This plan delivers you unlimited data transfer.

You have to spend just 29 dollars per month for this package. And you want additional installs and CDN, you can add them to your package. If you add these additional options, there may be some adjustments in the price. And you can purchase the WPEngine SSL after the signing up.

The next package that you can purchase from the WPEngine is the Professional plan. This is somewhat advanced and beneficial than the personal plan. The following are some of its features,

  • --> 10 WordPress installs
  • --> 100000 visitors per month
  • --> 20GB Local Storage
  • --> Unlimited data transfer

You just have to pay 99 dollars per month for this package. In addition to these mentioned features you will have a telephone support, a third party SSL, a CDN and WordPress multisite with this package. And you can have a dedicated IP if you want. But in that case there may be some price adjustments.

Business plan is the next package that you can purchase by the WPEngine. This certain package will be ideal for your upcoming business site because through this package you get the chance to have more visitors which will help you to increase your sales and it will be a better way for your promotions. The following are some benefits that you can get from this package.

  • --> 25 WordPress installs
  • --> 400000 visitors per month
  • --> 30GB local storage
  • --> Unlimited data transfer

In addition to above mentioned features this package will be included with a telephone support, a 3rd party SSL, a dedicated IP, a CDN, WordPress multisite and a WP Engine Geo IP which will assist you for an efficient process. All these stuff will be given to you for just $249 which is a very affordable price for this kind of a package.



The next package that you can have from the WPEngine is the Premium plan. This package will be ideal for the businesses that are growing and for the brands which have a certain reputation in the market. You will have following features in this package.

  • --> 150 WordPress installs
  • --> Over 1 million visitors per month
  • --> 100-300GB local storage
  • --> Unlimited data transfer

WPEngine has given the freedom for you to customize your Premium Plan as you wish. And this package will cost 600 dollars per month. This will be a good investment because having the service of a host like WPEngine is always safe and they will help you in your developing process.

Enterprise Grade plan is the most advanced package that you can have from the WPEngine. You have to pay 3200 dollars per month for this package and if you have an enormously growing business in your hand, well this will be the perfect package for you. With this package you will have,

  • --> 150 WordPress installs
  • --> Over 5 million visitors per month
  • --> 400GB-1TB local storage
  • --> Unlimited data transfer

Best About WpEngine


WPEngine do not stop by just selling these packages. They will be always there for you in any issue and they will help you to overcome those problems. In packages except the personal package, you will have the telephone support which is very useful. If you have any problem with your hosting package, the WPEngine customer service staff is on their mark to help you. And they have almost 100% uptime in their service which can’t be seen in most of the hosting services.


So it should be clear to you that WPEngine is the best hosting service and it is the leading hosting company in the present day. And we offer you WPEngine coupon which can be used to have the service of WPEngine for a lower price. So get the WPEngine coupon from us and have the service of the world’s best hosting firm.

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