Verdina is Exceeding the Corporate discount Services to Retail Consumers

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verdinaVerdina Ltd, a best and cheap web hosting provider of corporate clients, has now briefing its service offering to retailers. The coinciding with the service expansion is a good launch of new website and a dedicated server is being offered at 69 euros per month. After so many years of providing the specialized and dedicated server for corporations, Verdina is please to offer the best and same class of service to the retailers. Verdina is known only for the brand name, service, security and support where it uses high end hardware technology to protect the network and the customer data from the deletion.

With a launch of new website it enhances more technology power and data to the server and the company is hiring only top end specialists to handle the critical parts of the infrastructure. Verdina supports you with many of the cheap dedicated server plans with Euro 69 per month and with Intel Xeon E3-1241, 4 cores are generated, upto 32 GB RAM support and 2X HDD SSD/SATA. The other features of this dedicated server plans are flexible bandwith strategy, 1GBPS dedicated uplink with the KVM Access.

Through the best support team, Verdina is validating itself to the customers and support staff is always online to help the customers. They will make the timely best decisions regarding with the dedicated servers that are laid on the company infrastructure. Adam Baar, one of the top executive of Verdina have revealed about the company’s service which was offered to the customers with a great value of retailers.