Why choose Freddy & Son?

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How much does a roof inspection cost?

Freddy and Son Roofing provides free roof assessments to identify any storm related damage to your roof.

How do I file a claim with my insurance company?

Once your free roof assessment has been done and storm damage has been identified, we can help you file the claim with your insurance company over the phone.

How do I know if my insurance company will pay for it?

Once your claim has been filed, your insurance company will schedule a day and time with you for an adjuster to assess your roof. A representative from Freddy and Son Roofing will be there during the adjuster meeting with your best interest in mind.

What will my total out of pocket cost be?

Usually the deductive amount is your only out of pocket expense, unless you have chosen to get any upgrades not covered by insurance.

Do all the money the insurance pays goes to the contractor doing the job?

Your insurance company will provide you with paperwork showing the scope of work covered by the claim and the replacement cost value amount (RCV). The RCV amount is due to the contractor unless otherwise specified in the contract.

What does RCV and ACV stand for?

RCV stands for Replacement Cost Value, this is the total amount the insurance will pay for. ACV stands for Actual Cash Value, this is the amount due from the insurance minus depreciation and deductible.

What is depreciation?

Depreciation is the final payment the insurance company will issue after the job is completed.

Can I get any upgrades to my roof?

Upgrade options are available upon request and can add extra value to your home. However, upgrades are usually not covered by insurance companies.

What if there is more damage than just my roof?

During the roof inspection, our specialist will also check the siding, gutters, fascia, and any interior damage your home might have.

Who deals with the insurance company?

After the claim has been filed, you will receive a copy of the insurance estimate. Freddy and Son Roofing will review that estimate to make sure that all the items required by local and state building codes are included. If there are items missing; a supplement will be sent to your insurance company on your behalf. After the completion of the work, we will send your insurance company a final invoice and pictures of your new roof.

How long will the whole process take?

It depends on your insurance company, in most cases it will take 1-2 weeks to have the claim approved. The roof installation once scheduled only takes 1-2 days.

What is a supplement?

Once the insurance company’s estimate is reviewed, we will determined if all the items are compliant with local building codes, if that is not the case, we will draft a supplement on your behalf and submit to the insurance company for approval. These supplement could grant you unexpected improvements to your home.

My roof is not leaking why should I get it inspected?

Sometimes hail and wind damage is not obvious until damage to your interior appears, to prevent this; your roof should be inspected at least every 2 years.

What type of warranty does Freddy & Son offer?

Freddy and Son will provide you with a 6-year labor warranty. You will also receive the manufacturer’s warranty for the shingles of your choice.

How much would a new roof increase the value of my home?

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, a new roof increases home resale value by a national average of nearly $12,000. The survey also revealed that homeowners who have new roofing installed can expect to recover an average of 62.9% of the installation cost through increased home value.

Can I choose the new color of my roof?

Yes, however; if you belong to the homeowner’s association, you will need to seek approval first.

Can siding or other damages be paid under the same insurance claim?

Yes, during our inspection, we will also check at other storm related damages, and if found they can be reported on the same claim.

How can I check Freddy & Son's references?

You can take a look at our google reviews. We can also provide you with a list of testimonials from previous customers.