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Enterprise Hosting FAQs

What is enterprise hosting?

Enterprise hosting is online infrastructure for web-dependent organizations. An enterprise hosting provider handles an organization’s tech needs, like software, servers, data migration, site maintenance, network configuration and development support.

What are enterprise clusters?

Enterprise Clusters distributes the workload among a collection of networked SecureTransport Servers, all of which are active. All servers in an Enterprise Cluster must be on the same low latency network.

What is fully managed enterprise hosting?

Managed hosting is a model where a service provider handles the management, setup, administration, and overall support of a server. When you choose a managed hosting service, the hosting company makes sure your sites and applications are running all the time – and they fix things that go wrong along the way.

What size solution should I choose?

Our cluster architects will guide you through the selection process and size you according to your needs.

What applications can I use?

Depending on your project requirement our support team will guide you through the selection of the application to use. Each application has their own pros and cons. Our team are experts in each and their advice will be very helpful in the success of your project.

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