Shingle Roofs: Everything you need to know

    Understanding Shingled Roofs

    Shingle roofs are one of the most popular roofing options in the United States. They are made up of individual overlapping roofing shingles that are laid from the bottom of the roof upwards. Shingles are typically made of asphalt, fiberglass mat, and ceramic-coated granules and are often installed in overlapping layers or courses.

    One of the main advantages of shingle roofs are their affordability. Asphalt shingles, in particular, are a cost-effective option for homeowners who want to replace their roofs without breaking the bank. According to Modernize, the average cost for a 3-tab asphalt shingle roof replacement costs anywhere from $4,286 to $6,429 on a single-story 1,800 sq. ft home. Total replacement costs can vary depending on your roof’s slope, pitch, and size.

    Another advantage of a shingle roof is its durability. Shingles roofs can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years, depending on the quality of the shingles and the installation. Asphalt shingles are particularly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds, and hail.

    When it comes to choosing the right shingles for your roof, there are several factors to consider. These include the slope and pitch of your roof, the climate in your area, and your budget. It is important to choose high-quality shingles that are designed to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting protection for your home.

    It’s also important to choose a reputable roofing contractor. Freddy and Sons Roofing is a trusted and experienced company specializing in shingle roof installation and repair. They offer a wide range of shingle options to choose from, and their team of experts can help you choose the right shingles for your home and budget.

    Choosing the Right Style and Design

    When it comes to choosing the right style and design for a shingles roof, there are several factors to consider. Two important factors to keep in mind are color and design options, as well as quality and durability.

    Color and Design Options

    Shingle roofs come in various colors and designs, making finding the perfect match for any home. Popular color options include black, gray, brown, and red while homeowners can choose from various design options, such as three-tab, dimensional, and luxury shingles.

    When choosing a color and design, it’s important to consider the home’s overall style. For example, a traditional home may look best with a more classic design, while a modern home may look better with a more contemporary design.

    Quality and Durability

    Another important factor to consider when choosing a shingles roof is quality and durability. Choosing a high-quality shingle that is designed to withstand the elements and last for many years is important.

    One way to ensure quality and durability is to choose a reputable manufacturer’s shingle.

    In addition to choosing a high-quality shingle, it’s also important to ensure that a professional installs the roof. A professional installation can help ensure that the roof is properly installed and will last many years.

    Budget and Warranty Considerations

    When planning to install a new shingle roof, budget and warranty are two important factors to consider.


    The cost of installing a shingle roof can vary depending on several factors, such as roof size and slope, shingle material and brand, and the complexity of the installation. According to Bob Vila, the typical cost range to install a shingle roof is from $5,000 to $30,000. However, the exact cost will vary depending on the specific circumstances of each project.

    It is important to remember that while budget is certainly a consideration, it is not always wise to choose the cheapest option available. Low-quality materials or poor installation can result in a shorter lifespan for the roof, which can cost more money in the long run.


    Warranty is another important consideration when it comes to shingle roofs. Different roofing materials have different expected lifespans, and warranties can vary accordingly. For example, asphalt shingle roofs typically last between 15 and 30 years, and the material warranty for those ranges between 15 and 25 years of coverage.

    It is important to carefully review the warranty the manufacturer and the roofing contractor offers. Some warranties may only cover the cost of materials, while others may cover both materials and labor. Some warranties may be transferable if the property is sold, while others may not.

    Hiring a Roofing Contractor

    When it comes to installing a new shingles roof, hiring a roofing contractor is a crucial step. Choosing the right contractor can ensure that the work is done properly and efficiently, while selecting the wrong one can lead to complications and additional costs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a roofing contractor:

    Experience and Reputation

    One of the first things to consider is the contractor’s experience and reputation. Look for a contractor who has been in business for several years and has a track record of successful roofing projects. Check their website for signs of professionalism, such as Better Business Bureau accreditation, trade magazine rankings, or customer reviews. It’s also a good idea to ask for references from past clients and follow up with them to understand the contractor’s work quality and reliability.

    Licensing and Insurance

    Before hiring a roofing contractor, it’s important to ensure that they are properly licensed and insured. Check with your state’s licensing board to verify that the contractor has a valid license to perform roofing work. Additionally, ensure that the contractor has liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance to protect you in case of accidents or damages during the project.

    Cost and Payment

    While cost is an important factor to consider, it should not be the only one. Be wary of contractors offering a significantly lower price than others, as this could be a sign of poor quality work or subpar materials. Instead, look for a contractor who offers a fair and competitive price for their services. It’s also important to clarify the payment schedule and method before starting the project to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes.

    When hiring a roofing contractor, remember these tips to ensure that you choose the right one for your project.

    Roof Repair and Maintenance

    Regular maintenance and prompt shingle roof repair can prevent costly damage and prolong the roof’s life. Freddy and Sons Roofing recommends that homeowners inspect their roofs annually and after major storms to identify any damage that may have occurred.

    Dealing with Storm Damage

    Storms can cause various damage to a shingle roof, including missing or broken shingles, cracked or warped shingles, and damage to the flashing around vents and chimneys. If homeowners suspect that their roof has been damaged in a storm, they should contact a professional roofing contractor like Freddy and Sons Roofing to assess the damage and make necessary repairs.

    Prompt repair of storm damage can prevent further damage to the roof and the interior of the home. Homeowners should be wary of contractors who go door-to-door after a storm offering to repair roofs. Instead, they should research and hire a reputable roofing contractor who will provide quality workmanship and stand behind their work.

    Algae Protection

    Algae growth on a shingle roof can cause unsightly black streaks and damage to the shingles. To prevent algae growth, homeowners can install zinc or copper strips near the roof’s ridge. These metals release ions that inhibit the growth of algae.

    If algae growth is already present on a roof, homeowners can have it professionally cleaned by a roofing contractor. However, it is important to note that pressure washing can damage shingles and should only be done by a professional who is experienced in roof cleaning.

    Regular maintenance and prompt repair of storm damage can help prevent costly roof repairs and prolong the life of a shingle roof. Homeowners should consult with a professional roofing contractor like for all their roof repair and maintenance needs.

    Selecting Shingles for Your Climate

    Selecting the right shingles for your roof is an important decision that should be made with careful consideration of your climate. Different climates require different types of shingles to ensure that your roof can withstand the elements and last as long as possible. Here are some factors to consider when selecting shingles for your climate:


    Extreme temperatures can cause shingles to expand and contract, leading to cracking and other damage. In hot climates, choosing shingles designed to reflect sunlight and stay cool is important. Cool roofs are a great option for hot climates, as they are designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat. In colder climates, it is important to choose shingles that are durable and can withstand freezing temperatures.


    Moisture is another important factor to consider when selecting shingles. In areas with high levels of rainfall or humidity, it is important to choose shingles that are designed to resist moisture and prevent mold and mildew growth. In areas with heavy snowfall, choosing shingles that can withstand the weight of snow and ice is important.


    High winds can cause shingles to lift and become damaged. In areas with high wind speeds, choosing shingles designed to resist wind damage is important. Look for shingles with a high wind rating designed to withstand strong winds.

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